3 Best Italian Drinks to enjoy After Work

Italy has a rich culture when it comes to food and beverages. You can enjoy a wide selection of drinks from pre-dinner drinks to cocktails. These regional drinks are not only popular in surroundings but have gained the attention of people from all around the world. And, some of these drinks not only have rich & ancient history but also have an irresistible allure. But if you want to taste some of these classic and authentic Italian drinks, you need not have to visit Italy again and again. There are some of the best cocktail bars in Brooklyn where you can enjoy after-work drinks with your friends and family. 

After Work Drinks Near Brooklyn

Here are a few of them that you must try.

Aperitivo - It is one of the best drinks not only for its taste but also for your digestive system. It is dry tonic and light that increases your body’s digestive metabolism. Whether you want to consider it for a pre-dinner drink or want to enjoy it at a party, it’s amazing.   

Negroni - Negroni can be best enjoyed with its interesting history, which is still a mystery. It is particularly made from one part of gin, one part of red vermouth, one part of Campari and garnished with a slice of orange. Its popularity can be sensed as it is served in almost all parts of the world.  

Bellini - It first originated in the 15th-century and was named after artist Giovanni Bellini. It is made for a special occasion and since then it has sought the attention of its lovers. Bellini comes with a signature pink look which was the result of a pink vest on a monk in one of Bellini’s paintings. And, it's Giovanni Bellini who made the drink so popular by advertising it all over the world.     

I hope this blog has helped you understand how and where to find the best after-work drinks at the best Brooklyn bars. However, to enjoy the great taste, you must first look for a restaurant that has been serving authentic Italian food and drinks for years.  


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